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what is the drilL MEMBERSHIP?

The Drill Membership is the ultimate training program that gives players access to weekly training sessions created by a professional player. It is the most consistent, and effective online training program you have ever seen.


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Austin Briggs

We have had 4 matches since I started using your [Drill Membership] and I have played great each game, and am improving every time. My coaches have been commenting on all of my improvement.


Mubasheer Joban

I love the Drill membership and Athlete membership especially because I am able to incorporate the drills and exercises into my own schedule and daily training. Heath does an excellent job uploading new drills, responding to any questions I have about them, and anything I need personally like injuries, nutrition, opportunities, and etc. Heath keeps it both simple and effective. It’s hard not to see progress.


William Aston

I'm obsessed with the Drill Membership. It makes training so much more effective and efficient for me.

heath martin

Get to Know Me

my name is Heath Martin, and I am professional soccer player and NASM certified nutrition coach. i have experienced all levels of the professional game in the U.S and currently play professionally for Forward Madison FC.  i have also played against top European clubs such as Southampton FC U17, Middlesbrough FC U17, and others.


My training has completely changed, and innovated the football/soccer industry by taking a full-comprehensive approach to developing athleticism, technical ability, decision making, and mental toughness. I have helped hundreds of athletes improve their game through showcasing the mentality, and training that it takes to become a professional player. Perhaps the most important thing to learn from me is that the adversity, struggle, and hardship that you're going through is preparing you to become the player you were destined to be. nonstop to the top.


If you'd like to learn more about me, click the link below!


"The man who comes out of the storm is never the same man who entered it."

haruki murakami


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