The Nonstop Nutrition Program is your all-in-one nutrition program that includes everything a footballer needs to know in order to maximize their performance on the pitch. Everything from how to calculate your personal daily calorie intake, to an in-depth look at the fastest strategies to enhance muscle gain and fat loss, are all included in this ultimate nutrition program. The author is an NASM Certified Nutrition Coach and footballer who has had loads of experience and interactions with professional clubs, medicine doctors (MD), registered dietitians (RD), and many other sports medicine and nutrition specialists from professional football clubs. With 100 pages full of nutrition content, the Nonstop Nutrition Program can help you design an individualized plan to achieve your football and fitness goals.


Whats inside:


-100 pages of nutrition content

-Info on football-specific nutrition

-How to calculate your calories

-A fully customizable plan to lose fat or gain muscle

-How to hydrate properly

-How to eat on matchdays 

-Info on the latest supplements

-10 exclusive videos on various nutrition topics

-and more!

Nonstop Nutrition Program

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