About me


Heath Martin is an extremely driven athlete who strives to inspire and motivate other players through Nonstop Progress. He is an outgoing individual, who shows the mentality, training, and discipline it takes to reach your full potential. Everything from the attention to detail in his training sessions, to the extreme passion for the game he displays, Heath creates a realistic environment to show everyone the ideal method to enhance ability on and off the field. The driving factor for Heath's progression is, without a doubt, the relentless mentality of consistently setting higher standards for himself to reach deliberate goals in the most effective way. 

Heath is a Professional soccer player for Forward Madison FC and is also a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach. He has trained with numerous world class professionals from many different teams. Such as Josef Martinez, and Miguel Almiron. He has trained under Tata Martino, the former FC Barcelona Manager. Heath has also had the chance to be on the field analyzing Wayne Rooney, the former Manchester United star, during a DC United first team training. Heath has had lots of experiences with trials, negotiation with clubs, agents, and anticipates climbing the professional ranks either in the U.S or overseas.


Heath's been able to build an ideal physique through the careful combination of training, gym work, and nutrition. His body fat percentage is very low, and he was by far one of the most athletic players on all of the teams he played on. During his prime teen years, he focused directly on increasing power, strength, and explosiveness through attending IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. Later, he turned his focus to nutrition, and in doing so, Heath is now a very lean player which has tremendously helped his ability on the field. Heath offers a wealth of knowledge in nutrition as it relates to football. He offers the Nonstop Nutrition Program which gives players all the key information that is needed to maximize their nutrition off the field.

Heath created Nonstop Progress in November of 2019. He wanted to start something that would change the world's perspective on hard work and dedication at scale. Nonstop Progress's mission is to show that with constant progress and hard work, you can be both whoever you want be, and achieve whatever you want to achieve.